Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maurer Marketing Minutes #8-Natalie DeLeo-Mortgage Resource Plus

Maurer Marketing Minutes #8-Natalie DeLeo-Mortgage Resource Plus

!cid_455450816@07072010-1FA3 Following in the footsteps of her father Jerry, Natalie DeLeo has mastered the art of cultivating “clients for life”. As a loan consultant and marketing director at Mortgage Resource Plus, she has relied on word-of-mouth referrals for over 25 years, as her company does not advertise its services. She believes that “in today’s competitive marketplace, not only should you be delivering beyond the clients’ expectations, you must be able to become a great resource for your clients’ needs”. During our interview, Natalie explains how she does just that. She is an author and is featured in the book, “30 Day Total Business Makeover” published by Minesh Baxi. To find out more information about Natalie, email her at or call 248-642-4600 Ext 110.

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  1. Love the principles and know Natalie. She lives this everyday.

    Thanks for sharing!!!